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In the constantly changing environment of Real Estate today, more than ever, it is evident the need for cooperation, openness and continuous information on domestic and international developments , all the structures that make up the mosaic of the industry in Greece.

It is this need to meet the Golden Opportunity and the RM International cooperation for the realization of ATHENS REAL ESTATE EXPO 2019 (AREXPO) , the first real exposure to Greece, to be held from June 7 to June 9, 2019 at HELEXPO Exhibition Center MAROUSSI.

Qualified professionals from the sectors of real estate, investment, insurance and construction will accompany and diversify exposure. So every visitor and professional will find exactly what you need!

Professionals involved undoubtedly given a unique opportunity to demonstrate their business potential , coming in contact with investors from Greece and abroad.

Parallel actions, speeches and thematic acquaintance will give the opportunity to all participants to learn about trends and market trends, to open their business matchmaking cycle and transform ATHENS REAL ESTATE EXPO 2019 in an interaction event for professionals industry . More at