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H National Exhibition of Handicrafts and Rural Economy Kremasti Rhodes closes this year 53 years of continuous presence and waiting 10 to 23 August to see up close and meet exhibitors from the Aegean Region and throughout Greece, watch the parallel cultural events and do profitable markets choosing between quality products.

With the dedication and consistency of the bodies, the participation and enthusiasm of exhibitors and the steady support of its sponsors, the Report of Kremasti transcends the boundaries of a local event and is now not only a brand, but a complete cultural event.

Since 1965, in an event that is constantly developed and enriched, highlight the products of Greek handicrafts, folklore and the Greek land. Olive oil, wine, beekeeping, dairy products, local products, herbs, meats, traditional pasta, flour, handicrafts and sculptures give a dynamic present in an institution report that this year has been the hallmark of the RM International. The exhibition organizing company with over 27 years presence in Greece undertakes successfully important exhibition events, giving organizational solutions and ideas that renew every year the interest of exhibitors and visitors by creating comprehensive exhibition experiences. More at