Who we are

RM International operates for more than 10 years in the organization of exhibitions, making its mark in the field with each event. With more than 50 exhibitions to her credit in the most important and demanding exhibition venues of Attica, RM Intl has always paved the way, opening new avenues every time and giving new impetus to the professional category to which each exhibition is directed. RM I is best known for exhibitions such as ‘Home’, ‘Spring House’, ‘Country House and Garden’, ‘EXPOTROF – The Fine Greek Food Exhibition’ and ‘AREXPO’ (Athens Real Estate Expo).

What we do

With a vibrant and dynamic team and selecting as our partners the most experienced and distinguished professionals from each sector, we have the ability to respond with immediacy and flexibility to the individual needs of our exhibitors, providing maximum efficiency in the promotion of their products or services.

How we do it

With experience and know-how, we serve our purpose with consistency, professionalism, transparency and fairness; values that now, after 10 years of presence in exhibitions organization, have become synonymous of RM International.

  • We invest heavily in the relationship between exhibitor and organizer and cultivate it personally; we listen with respect to the specialized needs of our exhibitors and propose appropriate alternatives.
  • At the same time, within the framework of each exhibition, we organize live, themed events with the participation of the public; these vibrant events are important attractions for the visitors of the exhibitions helping to keep their interest undiminished.
  • We are constantly expanding the channels of communication between exhibitors and interested audiences through extensive promotional activities. We use all media such as magazines, radio, television, outdoor and social media for targeted communication. As a result, our exhibitors at every exhibition see their booths swarming with Greek and foreign visitors and the reputation of their products travelling from the exhibition to every part of Greece and abroad.


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