Company Profile

who we are

The RM International operates for more than 10 years in organizing exhibitions, leaving each organization its own footprint in this space. With more than 50 exhibitions to her credit, the most important and demanding fairgrounds in Attica, as East and West Airport, the Peace and Friendship Stadium, Zappeion etc. continuously changes the opening every time new paths and giving new momentum to the professional category to which a each report as the “House”, the “Spring House”, the “House and Garden”, the “EXPOTROF” and others.

What are we doing

With a vibrant and dynamic team and choosing our partners for the most experienced and distinguished professionals from each sector, we have the ability to respond with immediacy and flexibility to the individual needs of our exhibitors, providing maximum efficiency in the promotion of their products.

How we achieve

With experience and know-how, and serve our object with consistency, professionalism, transparency and fairness, values ​​that now, after 10 years of presence in the organization of exhibitions, synonymous of RM International.

We invest a lot in the relationship between exhibitor and organizer and grow personally, listening and assessing compliance with the specific needs of our exhibitors and proposing suitable alternative.

Meanwhile, with inspiration and enthusiasm organize within the live reports themed events with public participation, drifting with the vitality and pulse of all the visitors and maintain undiminished interest.

continuously expand the channels of communication between exhibitors and the public concerned by the extensive advertising campaigns. We use all media such as magazines, radio, TV, outdoor and social media with targeted communication. As a result, our exhibitors see in each report their stands to be flooded by Greek and foreign visitors (more than one million to date), and the reputation of their products to travel from the point of exposure everywhere in our country, but also outside it.

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