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arexpo 2020

In today’s ever-changing Real Estate environment, more than ever before, there is a clear need for collaborations, extroversion and continuous information on domestic and international developments of all the aspects that make up the industry’s mosaic in Greece.

“Xrisi Efkeria”, the most successful Real Estate site in Greece and RM International collaborate to jointly organize ATHENS REAL ESTATE EXPO 2020 (AREXPO), the first real estate exhibition in Greece and provide the opportunity to professionals and individuals alike to find what they seek. Now in its second year, AREXPO is going to be held from 15 to 17 May 2020 at the HELEXPO MAROUSSI Exhibition Centre.

Specialists in the real estate, investment, insurance and construction sectors will be present to provide every visitor exactly with what they are looking for!

The participating professionals are undoubtedly given a unique opportunity to realize their business potential by contacting investors from Greece and abroad.

Parallel activities, lectures and seminars will give all participants the opportunity to learn about market trends, widen their business acquaintance circles and therefore turn the ATHENS REAL ESTATE EXPO into an interactive celebration for industry professionals. More at